Self Guided Retreat-Day 4-Wednesday



The story is told of a great king who decided to build a magnificent cathedral for his people. He spared no expense in obtaining the ablest architects and contractors and skilled workers in wood and stone to build it. He especially wanted a fine craftsman to design and create an altar on whose front would be a carving of the Last Supper. When all was complete, and before the official dedication, the king and his entourage came into the cathedral to see that everything was in place. He was especially anxious to see the carving of the Last Supper. Looking closely, the king could see the various disciples gathered around Jesus at the table. But the face of Jesus seemed to be in the shadows. He squinted and strained but could not see it. A small boy had somehow come in with the royal party and was looking at the carving, especially the face of Jesus. Aloud, the king grumbled that he couldn’t see what the little boy could evidently see. The boy looked up and said, “Your majesty, you’ll have to get down on your knees to see His face.”

Seeing the face of God was a great concern for many of the Old Testament figures. The Psalmist cried, over and over, “Hide not Thy face from me.” When you see someone’s face, unless he has developed a “stone face” you can “read” that face and know what its owner feels about you. Not being able to see someone’s face is like losing contact. One could say that losing sight of God’s face is like walking, on your own, in the dark.

Recently, many people tried to view the planet Mars. Some were delighted at what they saw; but many couldn’t see the Red Planet because of cloud cover. A beautiful hymn by Wm Romanis reads, “Round me falls the night; Saviour be my light.

Through the hours in darkness shrouded, let me see Thy face unclouded…..”

Seeking the face of God has to do with intimacy, friendship and obedience. During the Exodus, “The Lord would speak to Moses face to face as a man speaks with his friend.” (Exodus 33:11) That kind of an experience was life-changing. You and I learn to see God’s face in the face of Jesus as we follow His life and death in the scriptures, as we speak to Him in prayer and listen to Him as He impresses His gracious will upon our hearts. Sometimes, when we are worshiping, we have to fight through the clouds of distraction and ask God to make it all real. Sometimes when we are praying we have to stay on our knees until we “pray through.” When we “see” the face of God we can tell what’s on His mind concerning us. It may be sorrow, anger or delight, but following confession and confession His face always tells us that He loves us

.Question: Have I ever special experience of glimpsing the face of God?
Prayer, “O Lord, clear the clouds away so I can see your face and know your will. Amen