Three Sixteens

“Peculiar treasures: a study in nine different  Chapter Three, Verse Sixteen scriptures, found in the New Testament.

By Bernard Warren

To call something peculiar does not mean that it is odd or weird.  Funk and Wagnall’s Dictionary defines “peculiar” as “singular, select and special.” The scriptures speak of God’s people as a “peculiar people” (Titus 2:14 and I Peter 2:9). God called the Children of Israel “a peculiar treasure unto me”(Exodus 19:5).

The nine selected scriptures on which this book is based, are also “peculiar treasures”. They may be found in different New Testament books but they all have the same address: Chapter 3, Verse 16. There is no mystery in the numbers; perhaps it is just God’s happy coincidence, for these verses speak of significant gifts and important commands. Though they may be familiar, consider them again, alone or in company, for a fresh understanding of God’s loving concern for His people. You may also, more clearly, hear His call to a satisfying life of obedience.