Don’t Listen to Strangers


The scriptures tell us to be kind to strangers, immigrants and refugees: to show them hospitality.  why, then, a book with a title that seems to say “Turn your backs on them”?  This book is not about that kind of stranger.  It is about those whom come among us with strange doctrines and spiritual practices with the intent to draw us off the Christian path.  These are spiritual aliens whose allegiance to a false kingdom and many of them carry counterfeit Christian passports.  Their agenda is to bring into the church, teachings that sound plausible but diminish the Lord Jesus Christ.  They may quote the bible but often ask us to look beyond it for “deeper truth.”

I pray that this little book will help the reader – without suggesting that they develop “the gift of suspicion” – to be better able to identify spiritual strangers and their unbiblical teachings and not to be led astray by them.  Jesus said,”A stranger they will not follow” (John 10:4)  Don’t even listen to them.