Dundas Boy


The Introduction to the Dundas Boy

True tales about a boy growing up in a very interesting town, Dundas, where it is said that.. (view story)

Sunday School is Out

“Fwup?” No, it sounded more like “Plotzz!” or maybe “Bluck!” It’s really difficult to get.. (view story)

Dye’s Comin’, Get Outta The Water

Before the Dundas Lion’s Club built a fine swimming pool with showers and life-guards and all, we kids…. (view story)

The Boy Scouts Helped Tidy Me Up

It was hot, really hot. 1936 was the year of… (view story)

The Humble Clarinet

Some years ago, when the Oscars were being presented at the Annual Academy Awards Night, there was a… (view story)

Working on the Highway

Smells are the best things to call… (view story)

Being Short

I’m short. My father was short; my mother was short; my three sisters are short. I never knew… (view story)

Dear Ones

That’s how the note always started. Propped up against… (view story)

To Market, To Market

It was two-thirty A.M. I could tell by… (view story)

Showing Appreciation in the Usual Manner

Some boys might have considered Sunday School a drag. But not for… (view story)