Spearheaded by Reverend Bernard Arthur Warren (1927-2009), and aided by a board of directors, the Bezek Foundation was incorporated in 1970 in the province of Ontario, Canada, with the following objectives:

  • To share the wholeness of the Christian Gospel with all people;
  • To serve humankind through teaching, counselling, training, prayer and literature, all based in the Christian faith;
  • To conduct open-to-the-public meetings of interdenominational character in the setting of Christian hospitality for the purpose of worship, education and recreation;
  • To establish and operate the Bezek Centre, a Christian residential retreat conference and training centre to help fulfil the above objectives; the centre being open to all people, regardless of creed, age, race, denomination, who wish to receive the truths about God’s love for them, as His beloved children;
  • To receive donations, gifts, legacies and bequests and
  • To extend the functions of the Corporation into accepted activities in harmony with the above stated objectives.
Although Rev. Warren entered into  eternal life in 2009, Bezek Ministries continues to function primarily in the distribution of Rev. Warren’s teachings and writings, which are based on over fifty years of ministry and counselling to churches, congregations, and individuals, and on presentation of  workshops and seminars. All of Rev. Warren’s writings are now being transferred into ebooks, and will be made available through this website. His spiritual writings address topics such as healing (physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness through scripture-based teachings, counselling and prayer), leadership principles, freedom from destructive influences of addiction, undealt with anger, help with marital discord and dissolution, and contemplation of eternal life.